We Now Offer Virtual Physical Therapy

In response to COVID19 and the efforts to provide essential services to our clients while maintaining safe social distancing practices, FunctionSmart Physical Therapy is offering Telehealth consultations and appointments through a HIPAA compliant web portal that can be accessed by your phone, tablet, or computer.

If you would like to know if telehealth is appropriate for your case or covered by your insurance, please call or email to request a consult. 

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Join a waiting room for your scheduled Telehealth appointment. Click on your physical therapist.

Marisa Thumbnail

Physical Therapist, DPT

Maureen Mason Telehealth

Physical Therapist, DPT, WCS, PYT

Natalie Ruffe Telehealth

Physical Therapist, DPT, Cert. ART®

Shay Johnson Telehealth

Physical Therapist, DPT, Cert. ART®

Elizabeth Rucker Telehealth

Physical Therapist, MSPT, Cert. ART®

Gino Cinto Telehealth

Physical Therapist,
Co-Owner, Cert. ART®

Renee Cinco

Physical Therapist,
Co-Owner, Cert. ART®

Child Physiotherapy
Young Family


Clicking on a Tablet


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