Core Fitness Check

Ever wonder if you’re getting the most benefit from your core workouts? Not sure if you’re doing a “kegel” correctly? Feeling like you still aren’t strong even though you’ve been working out? We can answer these questions and more with our Core Fitness Check. This unique service utilizes Real Time Ultrasound and the skill of our Physical Therapy staff to visualize the deep core musculature and assess it’s function. Our state of the art equipment will allow us to see if you can activate your deep abdominal musculature, the Transverse Abdominus and how well it works with the surrounding abdominal muscles. We can also visualize the pelvic floor muscles and assess their function. You will leave your session with some key moves you can do at home to train these very important muscles. Best of all, we can assess these muscles over your abdomen so it’s easy and comfortable. Cost is only $65/session.  Call 858-452-0282 to schedule.Orthopedic PT and Core Fitness Check