Computrainer Multirider

Computrainer Multirider

The Computrainer Multirider System is at FunctionSMART’s location in Sorrento Valley.  The computrainer system provides a uniquely effective way to train for your next event and enhance your fitness with a different spin.  We offer group previews of many of the most popular long course triathlons.   On the computrainer system you use your own bike on our trainers and the program provides all the resistance changes to simulate hills or whatever challenge the course or workout offers. We are also able to offer individual sessions on the computrainer on a course of your choice.  Please contact us to schedule individual sessions or private group classes or to request a group preview of an upcoming race course.

 Indoor Cycling Classes

Our current indoor classes are held on Tuesday evenings with Coach Guto Atunes. These workouts are designed to help improve strength and power on the bike.

Computrainer Course Previews

Course previews will let you experience all the elevation changes from the race and check your preparation without actually riding on the course. It’s a great way to build strength for the hills and gain confidence in your preparation. Ride limit is 4 hrs, reservations are required. To request a preview, just contact us and we’ll see if we have the course in our system. Previews can be scheduled for individuals, private groups and public groups and are limited to 6 riders at a time.