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A 6-week online fitness program to help you return to exercise safely.

5 PostPartum: Welcome

Welcome to Week 5!  Only two weeks left to go, but we really powering up now! We hope you are having fun and feeling empowered! We will progress the single leg stabilization, modified pushups, squats and lunges into dynamic combinations.  You may want to grab a towel and a few things ready before you begin:

  • A Yoga or Exercise Mat

  • Water Bottle

  • Chair

  • Pillow

  • Step, Phone Book, or Yoga Blocks

  • Dumbell/kettlebell or water bottle to use for a weight

  • An exercise band if you have one

The following videos will be available for 1 week.  Feel free to start and stop them at anytime.  Complete class #9 before moving on to class #10. On your own, you can practice the exercises independently for 3 sets of 10 or 2 sets of 15, several times a week. Or you can choose to repeat the videos throughout the week. Each workout begins with a warm-up, incorporates a strength component, and cools you down with stretches and relaxation. The great part about this program is you can start where you are and work up to your goals!

5 PostPartum: Text