Gino Cinco is a true professional. His Active Release Techniques® allowed me to play a full season of arena football with a severely pulled groin injury. The injury occurred the first week of a long, grueling 16 week season. By going to Gino just twice a week, with his cutting edge rehabilitation, I was always at full speed for game day. I owe a lot of success I achieved that season to the hard working, optimistic, and prideful approach that Gino provided in each of our sessions. Mr. Cinco, a true professional.

David Hurst-Arena Football Player
A number of years ago my amateur swimming career came to an abrupt and heartbreaking end following two very painful and unsuccessful shoulder surgeries. In the years that followed, I came to believe that chronic shoulder pain and limited mobility was just something that I would have to learn to live with for the rest of my life. After my swimming career ended prematurely, I turned to my "second love" - acting. In the spring of 2006 came the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to play a childhood hero of mine in a movie - World and Olympic swimming champion, Victor Davis. There was only one problem; Davis was an Olympian who was legendary for his Greek-god-like physique. For me to play the role properly I would need to work myself into the finest shape of my life and I was terrified that my shoulder would prevent me from doing it. That all changed after I met Gino Cinco. After just three (intense!) ART® treatments my shoulder pain was all but gone. In the months that followed I was able to train pain-free at a strength and intensity level that I had not experienced in years..it was great! Thanks to Gino's help, I subsequently DID get into the greatest shape of my life, and was able to accurately and respectfully portray Davis in the manner he deserved. For that I will be forever grateful. Thanks Gino!

M.L., Professional Actor
I wish all women understood how important it is to maintain the pelvic floor. After the birth of my daughter, I wasn't entirely satisfied with my recovery. The doctor said, "Well, things are just kind of a mess after you have a baby. A couple years later I heard Kristina and Renee from University City Physical Therapy speak about the importance and function of the pelvic floor. I had no idea! I followed up with them for evaluation and treatment. What a difference! Since then I have learned that women in Australia and Europe are routinely prescribed several sessions of pelvic floor physical therapy at their six week post-partum doctor visit. I believe every woman would significantly benefit from pelvic floor strengthening following childbirth. Thank you University City Physical Therapy! I highly recommend them to everyone!

A.R., 46, Mom and Dancer
I want to thank you for your referral to Kristina Gray, MS PT at University City Physical Therapy. I have made more progress with my constipation and incontinence in the short time we have been working together than I have in thirty years. With an array of exercises which I practice at home, I can now have more complete evacuations resulting in less incontinence. We are definitely making progress!