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San Diego's top specialty health and wellness providers all under one roof.

The Athlete’s Wellness Group is the performance training division of FunctionSmart. It is designed for those pre and post rehab clients who demand optimal peak performance. The advanced training, knowledge and experience of our Physical Therapists allows us to analyze biomechanics of movement and formulate a unique program of corrective exercises, neuromuscular functional training, dynamic flexibility and Active Release Techniques® (ART®). We get results quickly for every client.
We assess components of movement that may inhibit performance and lead to injuries. We are able to isolate and treat any restrictive adhesions within the soft tissue using ART®. Once adhesions and barriers to movement are removed, we then incorporate functional training, proprioceptive re-education, core stabilization and dynamic flexibility to teach the body to work as one efficient unit.
Whether you are a competitive athlete or a proud weekend warrior, we have the advanced training and skills to resolve your movement pattern dysfunctions so that you can return to your training quickly.
We also offer a variety of wellness services provided by carefully selected providers who are experts in their fields. Chiropractic Care by Dr. Michael Rintala, DC  Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning with Jason Polman, Maggie Rintala and Sean Cochrane certified Personal Trainers and Massage Therapy by appointment.

Athlete's Wellness Group: Service
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